Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Medical Devices-2016

About Conference

OMICS International International proudly announces the initiation of “2nd World Congress and Expo on Medical Devices” which is scheduled to organize on August 24-25, 2016 at New Orleans, USA. The scientific program concentrates around the theme “Recent breakthroughs and radical approaches on Medical Devices”. This Medical Devices event  includes interactive panel discussions, keynote lectures, plenary talks and poster sessions on the topics  Surgery devices, implants and radiation devices, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Biomedical Electronics and Imaging, In-vitro Diagnostic tools, Computer aided applications in Medical Devices and regulatory issues of medical devices as well as the recent advancements and upcoming challenges in the respective field.

Medical Devices 2016 conference focuses on the latest and exciting innovations in all areas of research on Medical Devices offering a unique opportunity for investigators across the globe to meet, network, and perceive new scientific innovations. Medical Devices conferenceseries invites scientists, surgeons, Academicians, Clinicians, Researchers, Physical therapists, Health care professionals, students, business delegates and Young researchers across the globe providing a better podium, interconnecting the latest research, technological developments in the arena as well as therapeutic aspects.

Medical devices have become such a vital part of modern healthcare that practically no diagnosis or treatment is possible without them. According to the WHO, there are about 1.5 million medical devices available today, ranging from low cost devices like the thermometer and stethoscope to expensive, highly sophisticated devices like MRI and chemotherapy machines. With the increasing complexity and connectivity of medical devices, the role of medical device development is becoming more crucial. This connectivity has made it possible for doctors to diagnose and treat patients.

Conference Highlights


  • Design of Implants and Radiation Devices
  • Orthotics and Prosthetics
  • Biomarkers and In-vitro Diagnostics
  • Innovations in Personal Medical Devices
  • Perspective on Physical Medicine
  • Advanced Technologies in Medical Devices
  • Medical Devices for Home Use
  • Computer Modeling for Medical Devices
  • Regulatory Issues of Medical Devices
  • Regulatory Guidelines and Standards
  • Hospital Equipment Business and Market
  • Surgical Medical Devices
  • Biomedical Electronics and Medical Imaging

 Special Issues

  •  All accepted abstracts will be published in respective OMICS International Journals.
  •  Abstracts will be provided with Digital Object Identifier by Cross Ref.